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Filling up a tax return is an unpleasant duty or a waste of time for you? Why don’t you delegate the job to a tax specialist who will trustfully advise you on any tax matters?

With a strong work experience and expertise in the administrative management, payroll and accounting, we offer quality tax services at a reasonable rate.

You rather like to fill in your own statement to ensure you controlling your taxes and understanding its process? We can carry out a review to allow you to file safely your tax return with the authorities.

Experience & Efficiency

Christiane Girard

After a commercial training with a famous Swiss watch company in Geneva and a professional background in the service sectors, Christiane Girard worked for Firex Audit & Consulting as accountant and tax assistant. She then worked more than 7 years as a tax consultant with PwC in Geneva for the individual tax service.

While working for her former employer PwC, Christiane Girard acquired a strong experience in assisting Swiss-based international companies and multinational companies as well as individuals. For eight years, she provided services on matters such as taxes, social security, immigration and compensation.

Having more than 10 years of tax experience, Christiane Girard decided to start a new career as an independent tax specialist to bring her expertise to private clients.

Few words about me:

«After years of rewarding professional meeting interspersed with trips around the world with my husband, I encounter taxation. Even though it is not very popular and mostly consider as a nightmare, it feels that once understood it is not that terrible and can be bearable.»



Our solutions

Adapted services for cross-borders and Swiss residents in the Canton of Geneva and Vaud.

Individual and Self-employed tax return

We prepare your tax return based on complete file including detailed information and supporting documents.

Quasi-résidents tax assistance

Since 2010, taxpayers who meet certain criteria can claim effective professional and personal tax deduction (e.g. travel expenses, donations, etc) instead of lumps deductions already included in the tax at source rates.

Tax at source rectification

We filed your tax at source rectification.

Tax claim agains tax authorities' decision

If you do not understand or don’t agree with a tax decision, we will assist you to claim against the tax bill notification within the deadline (30 days).

Tax assistance

We can also assist you with tax spontaneous announcement, the review of OCAS notification or to reply questions you have when buying a property in Switzerland.

We prepare your tax return based on complete file including detailed information and supporting documents, which can be handed over during a meeting or forwarded to our attention.

List of supporting documents to provide us with for your tax return preparation

Since 2010, taxpayers who meet certain criteria can claim effective professional and personal tax deduction (e.g. travel expenses, donations, etc) instead of lumpsum deductions already included in the tax at source rates.

There is no special requirements for taxpayers domiciled in Switzerland (Swiss or B-L permit). However, taxpayers living abroad and working in Switzerland firstly have to determine if at least 90% of their income were made in Switzerland.

If your situation meet that condition, the tax return could be filed with relevant supporting documents (salary certificate, tax account statement, etc).

Whether you live in Switzerland or abroad, the claim for effective deductions has to be sent by March 31 at the latest, by filling the tax at source rectification form. The form is not mandatory but final for the related year. The following year, you will have new options again.

We recommend you to ask for a tax estimate before filing your claim to ensure the claim is in your favor

Formulaire pour détermination statu QR

Link: For the preparation of the claim, please refer to the list of documents you will find under the “Tax at source rectification” section.

We assist you with your tax at source rectification, as such we ask you to provide us with the following documents/information :

  • Tax at source rectification form
  • Salary certificate(s) (taxpayer and spouse)
  • Attestation-quittance
  • Certificate of family allowances received
  • Certificate of 2nd pillar/buy-back
  • Certificate of 3rd pillar contribution
  • Evidence of alimony paid or received with deed
  • Evidence of any other income
  • Evidence of child care expenses (child less than 14)
  • Evidence of child expenses (child above 18 or students)
  • Evidence of any family situation changes
  • When domiciled in Switzerland : Swiss bank/postal account statement

For spouse working abroad, the evidence of income should be provided as well as the worldwide income will be considered for the determination of the global tax rate applicable to Swiss taxable income.

For further information, please refer to the tax authorities’ instructions:  https://demain.ge.ch/publication?organisation=51&type=182&titre=Directives%20concernant%20l’imposition%20à%20la%20source

For claiming effective deductions, please refer to list of documents for tax return preparation.

When receiving your tax at source or ordinary (tax return) tax bill, should you not understand the decision or do not agree with it, we will help you to understand the modifications and claim against the tax decision, if applicable.

You will have 30 days after the notification of the tax bill to file a claim, so do not loose time to review it and take the appropriate action

Spontaneous announcement

Since 2008, a fiscal law encourage individuals who have never reported income or wealth elements to regularize their tax situation.

The individuals who announce themselves their omission would benefit from a tax adjustment (up to 3 times the subtracted taxes) without legal procedure or fine.

The additional amount of taxes will be calculated on the non-reported elements. For the oldest cases, the Tax Authorities can revert on the last 10 years or 3 year in the inheritance situation.

We can assist you to understand the impact of the spontaneous announcement by performing a tax estimate. We will also assist you to write the announcement.

Buying a real estate in Switzerland :

When buying a property in Switzerland, your taxation will change. Whether you were taxed at source or non-taxable, you have now to file a Swiss tax return.

For the tax return filing taxpayer, being a property owner will have a tax impact as well and we will help you to understand this impact and to calculate it.

We will also assist you with administrative formalities such as your registration to the relevant tax system, the stop of your tax at source withholding or with your tax instalement.

Decision of contribution from OCAS for non-working individual :

We assist you to understand the OCAS notification and to ask for a rectification, if any.


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More of 10 years of experience in assisting private individuals and companies.


Expert on tax matters for Swiss, foreigners, expatriates, in social security and immigration.


We analyse your situation and assist you with tax procedures.

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